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AD1   Alex Duthart Book One
AD2   Alex Duthart Book Two
ABC   Andante Bass Carrier
AB42   Andante Bass Drum 24x12
AB44   Andante Bass Drum 24x14
AB82   Andante Bass Drum 28x12
AB84   Andante Bass Drum 28x14
ABM   Andante Bass Mallets
AbS   Andante Bottom Snare
ACE   Andante Core-Tec Elite
ACH   Andante Coretech Head
APB4   Andante Professional Bass 28x14"
APB6   Andante Professional Bass 28x16"
APT4   Andante Professional Tenor 14"
APT6   Andante Professional Tenor 16"
APT8   Andante Professional Tenor 18"
APBH   Andante Projector Bottom Snare Head
AQT   Andante Quantum Tenor Sticks
ARS   Andante Reactor Top Snare
ADA   Andante Snare Drum Adaptor
ASC   Andante Snare/Tenor Carrier
AAM   Andante Steven McWhirter Snare Stick
ATK   Andante T Key
AT15   Andante Tenor 15x14"
AT162   Andante Tenor 16x12"
AT16   Andante Tenor 16x14"
AT166   Andante Tenor 16x16"
AT18   Andante Tenor 18x14"
ATl   Andante Torque Limiter
AAC24   Aquarian Articulator 24"
AAC26   Aquarian Articulator 26"
AAC28   Aquarian Articulator 28"
ACC4   Aquarian Classic Clear 14 +
ACC5   Aquarian Classic Clear 15 +
ACC6   Aquarian Classic Clear 16 +
ACC8   Aquarian Classic Clear 18 +
ACC24   Aquarian Classic Clear 24"
ACC26   Aquarian Classic Clear 26"
ACC28   Aquarian Classic Clear 28"
ASK4B   Aquarian Super Kick 1 24"
ASK6B   Aquarian Super Kick 1 26"
ASK1B   Aquarian Super Kick 1 28"
ASK16   Aquarian Super-Kick Tenor Head 16"
ASK18   Aquarian Super-Kick Tenor Head 18"
ASBS   Aquarian Supreme Snare Bottom Snare Head
ARC14   Articulator 14"
ARC15   Articulator 15"
ARC16   Articulator 16"
ARC18   Articulator 18"
BFC   Brow Fry Bass Carrier
CRP   Cameron Regular Pad
ARNC   Custom Next Generation Reactor
DFB   David Farquhar Snare Drum Tutor
DSS   DrumScriobh
EPBS   Evans Pipeband Snare Head
GBS   Gordon Brown Snare Stick TG3
IPSB   Innovative Percussion Stick Bag
K50   Korg TM-60BK
LMSL   L&M Black Leather Sling
LMWS   L&M Shoulder and Waiste Sling
LMDS   Leather Dress Cross Belt
LFT   Lisa Frazier Tenor Stick
LFTT   Lisa Frazier's Tenor Drum Lessons
LDS   Ludwig Cloth Sling
DSMB   Massed Band Beatings Tutor
ARNG   Next Generation Reactor
ARNG7   Next Generation Reactor 7"
ODMG9   Offworld 'Outlander' 9" Pad
OVML9   Offworld 'Outlander' 9" Pad VML Black Surface
OVMG9   Offworld 'Outlander' 9" Pad VML Gunmetal Surface
OAP   Offworld Aurora Pipeband Pad
PAB   Pearl Airframe II Bass Carrier
PAS   Pearl Airframe Snare Carrier II
PBC   Pearl Bass Carrier
PlBS   Pearl Bottom Snare
PTK   Pearl High Tension Tuning Key
PlIS   Pearl Internal Top Snare
PLR   Pearl LR-40 Leg Rest
PMBS   Pearl Marching Bass Stand
PMSS   Pearl Marching Snare Stand
PMS   Pearl Medalist Pipe Band Snare Drum
TLB2612   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Bass 26x12"
TLB2812   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Bass 28x12"
TLB2814   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Bass 28x14"
TLB2816   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Bass 28x16"
TLB3016   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Bass 30x16"
PPBT14   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 14x12"
PWT1512   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 15x12"
PWT1612   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 16x12"
PWT1812   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 18x12"
PWT2012   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 20x12"
PWT2014   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 20x14"
PWT2212   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 22x12"
PWT2214   Pearl Pipe Band Maple Tenor 22x14"
MXP   Pearl Snare Carrier MXSP1
PDS   Pearl Triple-Function Drum Sling
PCM   Premier 60" Chain Mace
PBS   Premier Bottom Snare
P400   Premier HTS 400 Snare Drum
P800C   Premier HTS 800 Chromed Snare Drum
P800   Premier HTS 800 Snare Drum
PIS   Premier Internal Top Snare
XLB   Premier/XL Bass Carrier
XLS   Premier/XL Snare Carrier
RMS   Reid Maxwell Signature Stick
R14PM   REMO 14" PowerMax Pipeband
R15PM   REMO 15" PowerMax Pipeband
R16PM   REMO 16" PowerMax Pipeband
R18PM   REMO 18" PowerMax Pipeband
RCSH   REMO Cybermax Snare Head
RHS   REMO Hazy Bottom Snare Head
RPM24   REMO Powermax 24"
RPM26   REMO Powermax 26"
RPM28   REMO Powermax 28"
SRC   Snare Drum Rain Cover
AAR   Stone's "Accents and Rebounds"
ssc   Stone's "Stick Control For The Snare Drummer"
TTW   Tama Tension Watch
TG2   TG Brown Model II
TG1   TG1 Snare Stick
TXB   Tuxedo Soft Bass Case
TXTL   Tuxedo Soft Large Tenor Case
TXBS   Tuxedo Soft Small Bass Case
TXS   Tuxedo Soft Snare Case
TXT   Tuxedo Soft Tenor Case
TTA   Twisted Thistle Max Attack
TTM   Twisted Thistle Medalist
TFBM   TyFry Bass Mallet
TFU   TyFry Ultimate Tenor Stick
TFPW   Tyler Fry Platinum
TPR   Tyler Fry Practice Stick
VFHH   Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Marching Pad
VFEP   Vic Firth High Fidelity Ear Plugs
KP2   Vic Firth Signature Series KP2
XLBC   XL Protechtor Bass Case
XLLT   XL Protechtor Large Tenor Case
XLSBC   XL Protechtor Small Bass Case
XLSC   XL Protechtor Snare Case
XLTC   XL Protechtor Tenor Case

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