Reid Maxwell Signature Stick Andante Snare Drum Adaptor Special Price Pearl Red Snare Custom Next Generation Reactor
Andante Core-Tec Elite Brow Fry Bass Carrier Premier HTS 800 Snare Drum Special Pearl FFXPB1412 Emerald
Andante Core-Tec Elite
Our Price: $57.95
Brow Fry Bass Carrier
Our Price: $257.00
Premier HTS 800 Snare Drum
Our Price: $979.00

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Special Pearl 14" Tenor

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Our Price: $399.00
Special Pearl 14" Tenor
This drum was a display model and is now available at an incredible price.  Black lacquer finish with chrome hardware.  The drum includes two REMO heads and a tuning key.

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Special Pearl Black Pipeband Snare
Our Price: $627.00