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Tyler Fry Classic Tenor Stick 9"
Tyler Fry Classic Tenor Stick 9"
Our Price: $47.00

The stick that started it all is back for a limited time.  The original and amazingly popular Tyler Fry Classic in the 9" length.  This is the perfect stick for both playing and flourishing.  White head and black shaft with strings included
Tyler Fry Platinum
Tyler Fry Platinum
Our Price: $56.95

8.5″ Injection molded Acetal shaft with integrated butt and dense core module.list content goes here
Newly improved narrower shaft ensures better balance.
Tri-density head provides consistent responsiveness.
TyFry Ultimate Tenor Stick
TyFry Ultimate Tenor Stick
Our Price: $65.95

New light weight 8.25" tenor stick combining Malacca cane  and a graphic metallic appearance.  Tri-density Permatone technology has reduced the weight of the head along with providing improvied articulation, response and dynamic control.  A fascia joint securely integrates the head with the shaft, and premium synthetic fur provides a durable surface in all weather conditions.  Please click "more info" for color options.
Tyler Fry Practice Stick
Tyler Fry Practice Stick
Our Price: $67.95

Injection molded Acetal shaft.
Robust head module vacuum bonded for maximum durability.
Balance and responsiveness provide you with the same feel of a regular tenor drum mallet.
Developed for indoor table-top practice environments.
Suitable for use with most drum pads.
Encourages precise playing, clearer execution and dynamic control.
Ensures proper wrist and finger control thus developing proper flourish technique.